Football World Cup 2014

“The world cup fever is on” is quite an understatement. I am writing this blog a few minutes after I have seen Brazilians turned to ashes by the German brilliance. Yes it was 7-1, the most humiliating defeat Brazil has ever faced in its homeland. I don’t know what is more bizarre, my act of checking the weather if it is sunny or not through my cell phone instead of window right next to me or the score sheet of Brazilian team. Argentina vs Holland is yet to be played which will decide the next team to face wrath of Germans. Here are some interesting statistical facts about the football world cup finals.

Interestingly there are only two teams which have appeared most number of times in the finals of any football world cup. Yes, they are Germany and Brazil. Both teams have appeared 7 times in world cup final. This victory indeed has not only thrown away Brazil out of the world cup but it also makes Germany to play the final most number of times in football history. Germans will play their 8th final at Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is yet to play another match which would be 63rd match of the tournament but it would be for the third position. Despite of number of appearances Brazil still has most number of title reign than any other nation in the world with maximum number of 5 title victories. Brazil has won 5 out of 7 world cup finals while Germany has won 3 out of 7 of its final games.

Let me take you through Brazilian victories. Interestingly it was fourth world cup in 1950 when Brazil reached the final for the first time and guess what it lost to Uruguay 2-1. Next world cup of 1954 was not for Brazil either in fact it was for Germans. But right next to it, 1958 and 1962 were the years of good news for football passionate nation where they could finally celebrate their back to back world cup victories. Brazil won its first ever world cup in 1958 against Sweden 5-2 and that was the only Swedish appearance in world cup ever. In 1962 Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 to win their second title and also became the second nation to win world cup twice as Italy has already won the world cup twice back in 1934 and 1938. Fourth appearance was in 1970 where Brazil defeated Italy 4-1 and became the only nation to win the title 3 times. In 1994, Brazil faced Italy once again and it was an amazing tight game with both teams 0-0 at full time and I still remember that Roberto Baggio’s penalty hit missed the target and Brazil won it on penalty shoot outs. In 1998 Brazil reached the final once again but France ruined their hopes and defeated them 3-0. but it was 2002 when Brazil played their 3rd back to back world cup final against Germany and defeated them 2-0. One can pretty much say the Germans settled the score in today’s match and that too with interest. Of course Brazil won’t be playing 2014 final.

Let’s talk about Germany now. It was West Germany which qualified for the world cup final for the first time in 1954 and defeated Hungary 3-2 in tight contest at Swiss ground in Bern. In 1966, Germans faced England and it was not much pleasant experience for them as they lost it 4-2 but it was a match won in extra time. In 1974, Germans defeated Netherlands 2-1 at their home ground. Germany made it back to back in two world cup finals in 1982 and 1986 but both were heart breaking experiences for them. Germans lost to Italy in 1982 3-1 and lost to Argentina 3-2 in 1986. In 1990 Germany consolidated their loss of 1986 and defeated Argentina 1-0. In 2002 German dreams were shattered by Ronaldo where they lost to Brazilians 2-0.

There are a few things which we can learn about Germans for sure. Indeed they are genuinely aggressive both as a nation and as a sports team. They always have a plan and play at a very fast pace. And one thing is for sure, as one can feel from the stats that they are really good at settling the debts. If they have ever lost to a nation, they have made them repay. They have a much better record against Netherlands than against Argentina, and they have already seen that the team relying on single players  are much fun to beat. They have proven this very fact in game against Portugal where Christiano Ronaldo was a mere spectator as Germans humbled them 4-0. They also proved it in Neymar deficient game today (which was more of a strategy deficient team).

On the other hand, Argentina has won the world cup twice and lost the final twice too. Argentina and Uruguay were the two teams to play in first ever final in 1930 where Argentina lost to Uruguay 4-2 (No! there were no Suarez bite threats at that time). It was 1978 when Argentina played the final again after 48 years and guess what they faced Netherlands and defeated them 3-1 in extra time. It gets really interesting here as in 1986 and 1990 finals were played between Germany and Argentina. Argentina won the final of 1986 3-2 but lost in 1990 with 1-0. Which of these history is going to repeat itself? So over all Argentina appeared 4 times in the world cup finals and enjoyed two of them.

Holland, has a horrible record in world cup finals. They have worked hard to reach there thrice but lost all the three contests. In 1974 they lost their first ever final to Germany 2-1. They persisted with hard work, appeared in next world cup in 1978 again but lost it to Argentina 3-1. (Yup, a very bad news for Dutch as they may have to face one or both teams again). It was Soccer city in Johannesburg in South Africa in 2010 where they lost it to the current world champions Spain 1-0. Good news is that they are the only reason who dented Spain so badly with flurry of goals and threw them out of the world cup with at least one debt settled.

The stats are interesting, mostly in favor of Germans as they are the only team to play 8 world cup finals and most number of world cup final victories amongst the three teams left in the tournament. They have lost to Argentina but they have beaten them back again in history. Argentina’s Messi is a huge factor but Germans have shown that they play with something called THE PLAN, something which Brazilians, Portuguese and Spanish know nothing about. Netherlands apparently are the underdogs here as they have the tendency of playing and losing finals. They have lost one final each to Germans and Argentinians but can they break the curse? Interesting indeed it is for a statistician. Brazil most probably will lose their game again which the have to play for 3rd place. Lets see what happens. Its all getting interesting. Keep watching and keep enjoying 🙂

 A Summary of Word Cup Finals.

Exclusivly written by Kashif Shahzad, Table is courtesy of Wikipedia


You Choose !!! No you don’t


I am not much in to poetry but a brilliant former student of mine is indeed a class in herself. I just happened to see her poetry this morning as she blogged her fresh content and indeed I liked it. It was titled as YOU CHOOSE

You choose the people who betray you in life,

You choose the ones who put you in strife.

So when you shed tears for those who you lost,

Remember you were willing to pay the cost

(© Fatima Azhar)


Indeed it was quite mesmerizing but somehow I felt a bit different about it, so my response was something as NO YOU DON’T

Choices I made, were meant to be

For that you know, I can’t blame thee

There is something, we call The Fate

Admit or not but that’s it mate

(© Kashif Shahzad)

I hope you will like it for a change 🙂

Death of Legacies!!! Financial Issues or Insjustice?

Television had been an important part of our lives since its emergence. It is one of the continuously changing aspect of our lives that had been with us for so long. Every individual in some phase of his life must have adored some characters from TV. It could either be a cartoon, a drama serial or even a puppet show (yeah don’t forget sesame street, I remember it because i didn’t like it at all).

Back in my days of childhood we didn’t have dedicated channels of cartoons or movies. We were just restricted to some infinitesimal time slots in which we could cherish our favorite shows. I remember that just to watch five minutes of cartoon show in the morning before leaving for school was one of the major achievements of the day and it meant something like someone has awarded you the bragging rights. We were not critics back then and we appreciated whatever we had got (it was a blessing of course).

I even liked a show which was far from my understandings at that age but I loved to watch those characters. “Kaliyaan” and “Kaliyaan plus” was one of the popular puppet show back in 90s and I have no shame in admitting that I couldn’t understand most of what they presented back then but I cherished them mostly because we were cartoon deprived. It was a show mostly highlighting the evils of society and sarcasm bombardment on government policies but in a very light way. Now we all run the same show on Facebook in a different ways.

Guest House was another famous drama serial which was a sort of show which we could easily call the family show. Of course it doesn’t comply with the modern day family movies or TV shows as whole family could watch it in a single room on a single TV without feeling uncomfortable or to feel the need to change channels. It wasn’t because we didn’t have much options in terms of channels available or because we didn’t have many TV sets in same home but because content was too nice and appropriate. We do have a different meaning of family shows now where every member of the family can watch a show but individually (Even cartoons are hard to manage these days).

Anyways, I wanted to buy a SIM card for one of my phones (don’t worry I won’t be setting off bombs with it and stop thinking why I needed it, I just have a spare slot in my dual sim phone and I wanted it to be filled…yeah its a nerd perfectionist thing). When I entered the shop, I saw a familiar face. I don’t claim that I have an awesome memory but I do recognize some faces. I asked him if he was Anjum Habibi from Kaliyaan and he nodded saying yes I am. I was surprised that what is he doing here, he had a good career in sitcoms let alone the shows I have mentioned. After selecting the number of my choice I engaged him into a conversation.


After ensuring that he doesn’t feel embarrassed or anything close to that. I appreciated his work in Kaliyaan and told him that show like that could continue forever as it discussed the matters of society in a very light way and every single episode of that is still so valid (as the change flag bearers are not even close to evolution let alone revolution). He agreed but didn’t gave a clear answer for that. Based on my previous knowledge I asked him much bluntly that in one of the interview of Farooq Qaiser (the team leader and director of the show) said that his team caused that show to end and it was because of dishonesty and lack of commitment of some team mates. He also said that some of the men could not handle the fame and were too demanding. This avalanched the mood barrier of Mr. Anjum, he said “it’s so sad to hear what he said. He was given 200,000 for shows and set of episodes and he only paid us 2000 to 4000 even when we were team of 6 to 8. He kept on doing that and eventually we can’t wear masks like that and do multiple characters for peanuts”. I further inquired that it was an era of PTV (the national TV channel, it still exists but don’t watch it as it doesn’t criticize government as much as we want and tell us peaceful stuff so doesn’t fill our appetite for violent and aggressive TV). He agreed and said “we got PTV monthly cheques but all bonuses and extra awards (which were frequent) were the one which were not shared at all. He (Farooq Qaiser) claimed it to be his personal effort and didn’t share a thing with his team”. He also added “TV is not that nice to us anymore said in a painful way. This is my PCO/photostate shop(s) and I do some other business too”. It almost was a killing moment for me to see one of the beautiful characters of old times who smiled with lots of regret and painin his eyes when he said “This isn’t a very good place to live for a man with honesty, people don’t let you live with simplicity; we have different reasons but we are stuck here else we would have left. There is so much injustice even amongst our ranks and co-workers. People treat you badly, slap you with injustice and then accuse you too”

I shook his hands, took a pic with him and left with strange and mixed feelings. At one hand I was happy to see and meet a person who had been a part of wonderful plays which I enjoyed in last two decades and other hand I was hurt about the misery and struggle he was going through and just because of unjustified treatment by team mates and co-workers. It’s quite common here that bosses take all the credit and often leave employees or team mates behind totally unappreciated. Even a horse is patted by the rider as a sign of appreciation but unfortunately we are not horses and we aren’t being ridden by nice guys either. It is also common that it is not possible for simple straight edge guy to survive the brutality of financial hardships; why? Simply because honest efforts are not appreciated. Even I have seen many people who felt no shame whatsoever in climbing over the shoulders of their mentors quite wickedly and calling it opportunity utilization.

Injustice, in any form does kill the soul of a living being. What we can do is to deny this non sense theory that if u deny someone their rights then that is the only way to move forward. We still can get all the success by legal and rightful means if we just add the element of patience and consistent effort. As rightly said “Not more as what is in your fate and not before time”.

Stay happy, keep happy, respect rights of others and believe in helping not depriving others.  🙂

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I wonder why

A wonderful piece of art …. worth your time …. from my former student

Fatima Azhar

The darkness which enveloped me,

Was haunting to a certain degree.

As the candle in my hand reduced to a stub,

And the walls, my shoulder rub.

All their words come back to me,

Burn me, cut me, bring me to my knee.

I hide my pain from the world,

The sky around me swirled.

Broken down, I sit alone,

Destroyed and shaken to the bone.

Nothing matters any more,

They have crushed even my core.

The world is cruel and people more so,

Pain and hurt they love to bestow.

Losing all; even my mind,

Peace I can never find.

Maybe this i how it was supposed to be,

Maybe I wasn’t meant to be free.

Chained to a wall, trying to get away,

While the claws try to make me stay.

It hurts, it burns, it makes me cry,

I can’t help wonder why.

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