Imran Khan & Dangerous Immaturity

A wonderful piece written at the hour of need.

Kala Kawa

I have not been following the unfolding 14th August “Azadi March” drama closely at all. I’ve largely confined myself to reading headlines at the Dawn website and the occasional op-ed from the Express Tribune that would not result in a nose-bleed or worse an aneurysm (or even both at the same time which would be a most undignified way to go). The entire thing is painfully boring; Imran Khan wants to be PM. The current government is overreacting to his jejune behavior. And Imran Khan still wants to be PM because a person of his station cannot be saddled with running a piddly province that isn’t named Punjab.

Nonetheless, there are some things that have still jumped out at me regarding this entire episode. Let’s just build a timeline for this shall we?

We hold elections on the 11th of May 2013, which result in a victory for…

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