The Climax of a Drop Scene

Head in Hands

By the time I may have published this piece of work, things may have unfolded to you. Yes! I am talking about the on-going drama/concert/dharna in Islamabad’s arena of Red Zone. Procrastination is one word which we can all relate to in some possible way. As a lazy person I love to delay things as much as I can but government took it to a next level, is quite an understatement but wait; it was never in the hands of government in the first place.

I am not sure if we have learnt our lessons or not. But I have learnt some positives for sure. Deadline after deadline after deadline is one of the most teasing and torturous punishment one can suffer from. Like many other pseudo intellects who un-wantedly have turned into political commentators would have said upon these deadlines that “I would never do that! Again 24 hours? Again 48 hours?” But guys one thing is for sure, that we all have realized that promises are meant to be kept if you are human, and meant to be broken if you are a politician. So next time your wife asks you to take her to her parents, it is your call that you want to be a human or a politician.

People are bored; anchors, journalists and media person have been heavily abused. So again mentioning what actually had happened in last couple of weeks would again bring out the monster amongst many of the readers as it may go against their views and I may be accused of blasphemy for saying ill words for their political Gods.

There are many idiots like me who wonder that why Ibless didn’t prostrated before Adam and why can’t Imran Khan (IK) and Nawaz Sharif (NS) could shake hands and jointly serve the nation. To me it always meant that one is a better legislator (before he started his container walk in heat of August) and other is a better developer of mega projects and has a reputation of reviving economy. But alas! These thoughts are more improbable than finding a mermaid in Rawal Lake. Many people found their mermaids at IK’s dharna 🙂

For many people it was a CHANGE, they were looking for. IK proved to be the hope for them. He motivated the uninterested youth and invited them in politics. That brought out a very positive change in itself. Turn out for elections was good if not extraordinary. With a mandate a government was formed. A system started to perform slowly and gradually. Economy started to build up. Stock market revived. Karachi target killing stopped. Drone attacks were ceased. Weekly blasts on SUI pipeline near bugti tribe vanished. Mega projects started across the country. Power Plants inaugurated and foundation stone of over dozen was set. That’s the change which this country deserved but it was coming slow and gradual. And then again that happened what had been the fate of this country. To be played in the hands of establishment.

Tahir ul Qadri (TUQ), Imran Khan both announced their respective rallies and marched down to the beautiful Islamabad to turn it into filth in the name of their right to protest. They somehow forgot about the rights of residents of Islamabad to live in peaceful conditions. Their language and demands were mixed in a strange and confused way. There was one thing everyone in favor of. Firstly the proper and unbiased investigation of Model Town incident in which over a dozen casualties occurred and secondly that electoral reforms should be made and if some discrepancies are found then culprits should be prosecuted and such events should not occur in future. Demands were justified but then there was a stubborn child who wanted PM to resign before any investigation or before any of these demands could be met. To me this demand was pathetic as IK seemed to be the biggest hurdle in the way of his own demands.

I generally try to put myself in others shoes to feel what it actually means and estimate the experience they are going through. As a teacher, if someone alleges that I am biased and I have done injustice in marking the papers, what would my response be? I would show him the paper. If I have submitted the papers in exam cell then I can take him to exam cell and ask them to show him his papers. Demands seem to be fine upto this point. But what if the student asks me to resign, calls entire exam cell culprit and demands VC of university to step down and only then agrees to get his paper re checked; it would be a complete analogy to what has been going on.

Let me change the course, there is a friend of mine who happens to be quite resourceful in news and one week ago he told me that NS won’t worth more than Deputy Commissioner and IK will meet his political death for quite a while if not on permanent basis. I was surprised but now at this time between 28th and 29th of August we have heard that both clowns have announced that army has decided to act as a guarantor and require 24 more hours. All I could say was R.I.P democracy.

N league members could be making merry that their PM is not stepping down. They might be the flag bearers of the fascination that they survived marshal law and democracy has prevailed. On the other hand IK can claim that he made government begging on their knees and slapped them around and are victorious but for any sane brain I would ask them to take a moment and think what has actually happened and who is the real beneficiary?

This government came with both a personal grudge as well as a plan that they will make Musharraf an example for others and will ensure that army never intervenes the democratic process ever in future. Mr prime minister! one smooth transition of democratic governments does not mean that they have matured enough to take on the ruthless bull of establishment. Army had been criticized and called boots for decades for intervention and throwing away democracy in huge chasms. No matter which party you belong to or how impartial you are; you cannot deny the following facts which are

1) All pending bills of army had been cleared (round 150 million)
2) Army is respected for not intervening
3) Army is praised for being impartial and unbiased (especially didn’t take government’s side)
4) Army is not hungry for power
5) Everyone trusts army
6) Army avoided massive casualties by not using force
7) Army despite being busy in zarb-e-azb operation still managed national security issues
8) Politicians are not capable of handling their own issues
9) Government is on its knees and will always be looking at army if they are smiling or upset with them
10) Only army was taking care of IDPs while power politics was going on
11) No one will question waziristan operation ever again

From financial benefits to wonder face of the nation, they had it all. IK due to desperation and NS due to arrogance and nepotism gave it away. I will blame IK more than NS because he was used as a tool. A man of many capabilities who raised hopes and was a good competition disappointed many. He created the balance in dynamics of political system of country and he gave it away. NS was already doing many silly blunders in his legislative policies which could have dethroned him. But IK’s desperation to become PM made him nothing more than a tool. Worst part is that he and his followers still don’t realize this fact. I think instead of this drama, all three forces chiefs should be given permanent resident-ship in parliament with complete authority to make a dummy PM from anywhere.

One should not be surprised that model town incident was all part of plan and establishment killed innocents/rebels for their cause. The case won’t be resolved soon and a threat will always be upon sitting PM and CM as it would be another string in the hands of establishment.

Army has it all, I must say the great management of establishment, they had it previously too but they have it all now. PM and CM will stay and won’t step down as weak PM and CM are what establishment created and they won’t let them go away. Democracy has died today again. Our politicians gave it away. Their fault is that one was stubbornly stupid and other was a dangerous moron used as a tool, and they never thought of bigger picture and never attempted to outsmart establishment for atleast once for a change. Establishment will keep creating leaders and consuming them with time if and when needed.

May my fears be proven wrong but by tomorrow you will see that PM wont step down and the concerts would be over soon. And revolutionists would be back to schools, colleges, universities and offices again in their McDonalds life which they perceive with their DSLRs but welcome to an official behind the scene marshal law.


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