About Me

Kashif Shahzad
{The Paranormal of Modern Times}

I am a graduate professional electrical engineer. My areas of expertise include Electronics, Embedded Development, Signal Processing and Communication Systems. I am currently serving as Technical Manager in Public Sector Organization for almost a decade. I am also a visiting faculty member in a private sector university for over eight years. I turn into a writer when i get inspired by events around me. Gadget analysis is more than just a passion. I love to explore nature while hiking, reading and surfing are my favorite pass times. I am always happy to help and collaborate in any way possible especially academia. I hail from Rawalpindi but I am currently located in Islamabad, Pakistan.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I m surprised to know about you as i haven’t ever seen any engineer, especially electrical, with such a kind heart.
    The way you teach by making the complicated things simplest; it is generally observed that professional engineers are rude and rigid when they become teachers. Its is further more odd for an engineers to be a writer of this sort that you get inspired by the events around you instead of professionals.
    Anyhow Sir! My curiosity about your humble,kind and loving behavior for your students is fulfilled to an extent by you what you have written about yourself.

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    • Thank you very much for the kind words. As far as explanation of concepts and kindness towards students is concerned; i have studied from teachers i would never like to go and study again from them. Teaching and teasing is one article I wanted to write but haven’t so far due to my recent commitments. Long story short; teachers should be facilitators who should help in every way possible to make life easier for students instead of making it tough for them. So I decided that one day if I will get a chance I will never be anything like them. Secondly for explaining things in a simpler way is concerned; tehre is a famous saying that “if you havent understood it completely; you cant explain it easily” and I know many teachers who love to sound things complicated and there are many who do not even have complete grasp of concepts. So its just a humble effort and I am so thankful to Almighty that assets like you acknowledge and understand this. Thank you again

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