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Hand Written Lecture Notes

Week # 1         08-10-2017
Week # 2         15-10-2017
Week # 3         22-10-2015
Week # 4         29-10-2017
Week # 5         05-11-2017
Week # 6         12-11-2017
Week # 7         19-11-2017
Week # 8        Class missed due to protest at Faisabad
Week # 9        Mid Term
Week #10      10-12-2017

Following are the two sections which contain the necessary contents for the course. First section contains the slides as per topics while second section is redundant one having extra material for further help

Multimedia Slides (Section-I)

Introduction to Electricity
Kirchoff’s Law
Nodal Analysis
Mesh Analysis and Superposition
Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorem
Source Transformation and other techniques
Introduction to AC current
RL Circuits
RC Circuits
RLC Circuits
Phasor concepts
Complex power & Complex frequency
Frequency Response

Multimedia Slides (Section-II)

Nodal Analysis
Star Delta Transformations (Covered on 05-11-2017)
Network Topology in electrical circuits  (Second Last Lecture)