You Choose !!! No you don’t


I am not much in to poetry but a brilliant former student of mine is indeed a class in herself. I just happened to see her poetry this morning as she blogged her fresh content and indeed I liked it. It was titled as YOU CHOOSE

You choose the people who betray you in life,

You choose the ones who put you in strife.

So when you shed tears for those who you lost,

Remember you were willing to pay the cost

(© Fatima Azhar)


Indeed it was quite mesmerizing but somehow I felt a bit different about it, so my response was something as NO YOU DON’T

Choices I made, were meant to be

For that you know, I can’t blame thee

There is something, we call The Fate

Admit or not but that’s it mate

(© Kashif Shahzad)

I hope you will like it for a change 🙂


I wonder why

A wonderful piece of art …. worth your time …. from my former student

Fatima Azhar

The darkness which enveloped me,

Was haunting to a certain degree.

As the candle in my hand reduced to a stub,

And the walls, my shoulder rub.

All their words come back to me,

Burn me, cut me, bring me to my knee.

I hide my pain from the world,

The sky around me swirled.

Broken down, I sit alone,

Destroyed and shaken to the bone.

Nothing matters any more,

They have crushed even my core.

The world is cruel and people more so,

Pain and hurt they love to bestow.

Losing all; even my mind,

Peace I can never find.

Maybe this i how it was supposed to be,

Maybe I wasn’t meant to be free.

Chained to a wall, trying to get away,

While the claws try to make me stay.

It hurts, it burns, it makes me cry,

I can’t help wonder why.

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